Bush Hammered Granite G602 Tile

Commodity:  Granite Tiles

Code:  SMGTILE009

Material:  Granite

Finish:  Bush hammered

Primary Color(s):  Grey white

Origin Country:  China

Export Port:  Xiamen

OEM:  Welcome

Packing:  Carton& Wooden Box

Supply Ability:  1 cotainer in 20-25 days

Delivery time:  Depends On Exactly Qty

Payment:  T/T, L/C or others for negotiation

Design:  Coopearted with customer

Products :  G602 Granite Tile

Other Biz Name:  N/A

The G602 granite is a cheap and similar as g603 granite, as the g602 quarry located in jinjiang that g603 located town, both quarries are very close. g602 granite stone is in white grey color, in mostly outdoor stone projects, the peoples can use g602 tile to replace g603.Bush hammered g602 is also a normally surface treat, there with many concave-convex on the surface, it is the bush hammered treat features.

g602 granite stone also can produced into other products, and there with 2 types g602 stone now, the one is from wuhan hubei province,the other is from jinjiang,fujian province.the both materials are siimlar too.

G602 stone tile size mostly in 30/40/45/60/80cm,etc.if customers need, it is also can cut in big slabs and half slabs.

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